• If there’s a way to open the doors from inside, why is it there? probably for if the guards forget their keys or some such. People don’t build prisons where logical deduction can get you out! « how did he escape? » « Sir he, he solved the riddle and the door opened! ». The cells are in the palace, and there turns out to be an escape route which was meant to allow the king to « escape » if things got hot.

On the first screen, examine the footprint and then scare the ravens off. Run in any direction, and keep doing so until you find the ravens sitting on a fallen tree branch to the left of the screen. Scare them off of this branch to reveal some marbles. Now run to the left side of the screen and use the screwdriver on Robbo Robot.

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It’s very interesting in itself, try to collect all information about dragons preferences leaving chamber multiple times. It will be great if you add some of this into your guide. Seen great guide I want to add some helpful information for all players, solving a plenty of mysteries about « why it didn’t work for me? ». Take long Download Prison Escape Puzzle APK for Android to solve it, this will make the affection meter with the princess drop.

When you finish the puzzle, a pickax will be added to your inventory. Next, tap on the boxes on the shelf to the left to find the 3rd green and red circle piece. Then tap on the wall to the right to zoom in. Use the pickax to break through the wall to reveal another puzzle. Go back to the full room view and tap the filing cabinets in front of you at the bottom left corner.

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Go through the door again, use the arm on the right device. The Ruby and the Amethyst keys are on the other side (2 turns to the right/left), just pick them up. To open the valves you have to find the valve keys (They’re color coded). Turn to the left, the water pipes aren’t aligned, and the valves are closed. The button by the door doesn’t do anything – the water source isn’t connected. Escape The Prison You got framed and find yourself locked up in a prison cell.

  • Trophies are optional achievements that you can unlock by completing certain tasks in the PS4 version of the game.
  • • PAST-Place the lever with glue in the space for the lever and the left cell will open up.
  • Solve the scrambled puzzle on the wall by tapping the pieces.
  • You begin the game where you find out the objective of the game is to capture Gehn and free Catherine to save the five islands from destruction.
  • After you have been given the two books you discover you are in a cage where a strange man will talk to you in a different language.
  • Put your critical thinking skills to the test with these apps, and see if you can escape before succumbing to a perilous ending.