A full version of the application is available for $4.99, but you can also find a free version for the app test drive. Android Business Calendar application may seem somewhat chaotic, but it works fine and is easy to work with if you play with it for a while. Business Calendar is a great tool for planning/ scheduling cases, tasks, and events. There is a support for recurring events, which can be set up in just a few clicks.

Some of extra functions include color schemes for each case type , different types of demonstrations, different widgets, moon phases, and much more. Calendar also gives you analytics of your meetings, giving you a clear picture on how you can improve your time management.

Taking into account it functionality, aCalendar is a reliable calendar application that has an easy-to-navigate interface with three display options. Scrolling from side to side allows you to switch between the display modes of the month, week and day.

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  • The name and licensing changed with the update from Dynamics 2016.
  • This version is mostly implemented by Microsoft Partners that offer Hosted CRM functionality, when letting external users connect to this CRM version through the Internet.
  • For CRM 2013, rollup 3 is available which was introduced after an SP1 releases.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM currently has over 40,000 customers.
  • Microsoft publishes updates for Microsoft Dynamics CRM every two months.
  • This edition is actually an Enterprise Edition that is configured to accept Internal user requests from AD and external user requests through IFD .

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Though due to it being a secondary focus, you’re lacking a lot MPEG-2 Video Decoder of the syncing aspects that other apps have on this list. Regardless, because of this huge social feature, it’s worth considering for those who want to make more connections. One of the most unique apps on this list is the IRL Event Social Network app.

The application gives a default view mode by months, and events can be marked in different colors. IRL is that while also providing a convenient calendar for you to schedule events and plan out your day.