Moreover, it will also help you to edit videos or images effortlessly. As we have gone with a CPU that is compatible with AM4 socket motherboards, we have picked the MSI B450 Pro-VDH Max motherboard for our setup. It can support dual-channel DDR4 memory up to 3200 MHz bus speed.

Streaming applications and capturing your game can be taxing on memory, which is why I recommend always ‘doubling’ the amount of RAM if you’re looking to use a PC just for gaming. You may not even be interested now, but you may need it in the future. the real advantage of a self-built pc is that you can upgrade it. if someone else builds it for you, you will not be prepared for this.

YTD Video Downloader for Windows 10

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  • I’m user of MusicCollector from long time ago, and I am fully satisfied with all the features of this software to manage my CD library and listen to audio files linked from the desktop version.
  • Non-relational database software, also referred to as NoSQL database software, is used for data types that don’t fit comfortably into tables.
  • As always, congratulations on this awesome and useful software.

The manufacturer recommends using a minimum of a 400-watt power supply unit. All in all, you will have the best experience gaming with this GPU.

At the moment, this is a very popular CPU of many gamers all around the world. However, if you research the market thoroughly, you will be able to build a decent gaming machine without much of a sacrifice. As a result, you will find all the information regarding the gaming PC build under 50K in this post. Today I’ll be giving you five points as to why building your own Gaming PC is better than buying a pre-assembled Gaming PC from a computer store. It offers unmatched performance and features when put into a head to head battle against any and every gaming console in the market today.

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Since gaming is felt is more of a passion, nothing beats the feeling of satisfaction that one gets while taking out new components out of the box, putting them together and feeling every bit of it. In case of a pre-assembled system not only the manufacturer’s customer care is in charge of all your problems which most often proves to be of no help due to the various components in the PC. If you already have a monitor for your PC, then you can skip this. However, if you are looking for a cheaper monitor that will go well with your gaming build, then you can check this one out. For our 50K gaming build, we have chosen the BenQ LED-backlit monitor.