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That’s not to say you can’t do some interesting things with Traktor DJ, though; it still features an adjustable looper, cue points and a freeze mode. You can enhance its power with the SuperSlice add-on, too, which offers a neat and tactile way to add scratch, pitchshift and reverse effects. In 2015, rekordbox got a significant upgrade in the form of rekordbox DJ – an expanded ‘performance’ version of the software with full mixing, effects and sampling capabilities.

  • The high turnover in this segment does not show up in the analysis of the present article for two reasons.
  • First, drivers in the long-distance TL segment are a fraction of the total number of heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers.
  • However, economists would not regard high turnover rates and the associated problems of recruiting and retaining drivers in this part of trucking as a long-term shortage.
  • Examining the short panels in the CPS ORG data, we cannot see cycling in and out of occupations for individuals over their careers.
  • Using data from the CPS, we modeled exit from and entry into the occupation, finding that occupational migration among drivers is similar in magnitude to that in other blue-collar occupations.

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Add to that a healthy helping of built-in effects, looping, solid sync and pitch tools and much more, and the app really begins to earn its ‘pro’ name. It boasts a clean and non-fussy interface that lets users easily mix and manipulate tracks right from the device’s touchscreen, but it’s the hardware compatibility that really sets it apart. There’s plug-and-play support for an impressive range of MIDI controllers, plus a dedicated editor for those that aren’t pre-mapped. It’s DVS compatible, too, meaning you can hook your turntables up to your iOS device .

While the Pro version is pretty affordable anyway, there’s also a cheaper version, simply titled djay, which offers the same core features and is even available for Apple Watch . Cross, from French developer Mixvibes, has undergone numerous updates over the past few years, resulting in an impressively extensive feature set. You can choose a free version, the best-selling Cross DJ, or the full-on Cross, which adds video mixing features. The latest edition, VirtualDJ 2018, puts the focus mainly on visuals. Video Skins offer a way to project your DJing skills live onto a big screen, while new visualisation tools offer automated ways to generate video to accompany your mix.

It’s also the only iOS app to support Traktor’s Stems format (even NI’s own Traktor DJ doesn’t). DJ Player Pro Popcorn Time is a highly customisable and very flexible DJ app, and probably the most ‘pro’ feeling mixing application you’ll find on mobile.

There’s also an automated scratching tool, new lighting compatibility and new methods for broadcasting directly to social media. VirtualDJ Pro can get pricey – you’ll have to pay $299 for a full license – but it does offer some hugely flexible ‘pro’ features. Traktor DJ can also be used with some of NI’s own controllers and interfaces for a more pro-feeling, hands-on DJing experience. Unfortunately, one of our favourite features – the ability to sync track metadata with the desktop version of Traktor – has been removed.

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