You can also share your compositions via the Sibelius Cloud. When you finish a score or reach a good stopping point for collaboration, you can hit the Share button on the toolbar to send your work to the cloud. Avid’s MediaCentral Platform then processes it and sends you a URL that can be opened on any computer with any web browser. You can’t permanently download this software, but the online platform allows you to access your account from any computer with an internet connection. The toolbar is customizable and includes everything you need to create and edit simple arrangements.

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The MacBook Pro M1 audio power test is just one of the tests we are going to be conducting with the new Apple Macs in the coming weeks, in this article we test Logic Pro. James Richmond spends time with a pair of EVE Audio SC3070 compact 3 way monitors . Find out what he though of them in our latest Tested article. If you’re not familiar with it Liquidsonics’ Reverberate 3 sounds like it’s just another convolution reverb.

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The OWC Thunderbolt 3 mini Dock aims to solve the latter problem. This small bus-powered unit gets us back to what you might call the bare minimum of connectivity needed for a modern DAW recording system and as we will find out we get a little bit more as besides. While all the gadgets and gizmos are fun, what we really wanted to know is if the Smart would be any use in the studio and if it was good enough to record with.

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We find a lot of Austrian-built microphone for surprisingly little money. In this video Production Experts, Michael Costa tests the new denise Perfect Room, a new generation of room simulator reverb plugin with zero metallic artefacts by not using delays for the tail. Since Apple announced the new iMac 21.5 and 27 inch macOS computers, there have been a number of reviews and a very useful teardown video from our friends xpadder torent at OWC. In this article, we have all the latest details on the new iMacs.

The bundle is priced at $299 until January 4th, 2021 and has a combined plugin value of $1100 if purchased separately. The latest beauty to arrive at Production Expert’s London HQ is the new AMS Neve RMX series reverb. This is a 500 Series recreation of the 80’s classic reverb. Let’s hear this modern take on a vintage classic on drums. ADAM Audio kindly sent a demo set of T8V monitors prior to this announcement for us to review. Have Apple laptops come of age enough to be able to offer the power and flexibility to a modern studio? Russ Hughes swapped a fully loaded Mac Pro 6,1 for a top spec MacBook Pro to test the theory.

They have taken an incredibly powerful tool in RX 7 and made it even better with the release of RX 8. New features include Guitar De-noise, Spectral Recovery, Wow and Flutter, Loudness Control, improved Music Rebalance and Hum modules. In this article, we break down all the new and improved features in iZotope RX 8 including an exclusive test of the key new modules. This article explains in a bit more detail how he uses it with ProMon and why it is preferable in his studio to a dedicated Monitor Controller. Nugen Audio has released the latest addition to their software lineup. In this article and video, Eli Krantzberg from Production Expert takes a look at Wavesfactory’s Echo Cat, a delay plug-in based on the WEM Copicat tape echo device from the late fifties. Eventide has today released their H9 Plugin Series Bundle, a powerful collection of effects from the H9 Harmonizer.

The modern portable computer is, to me at least, a bit of a paradox. On one hand, we get more processing power, more memory and more storage, and yet, the other hand where we get less connectivity and flexibility.