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1. Pretend the man you’re dating is really a cop and you’re hoping to get away from a speeding admission.

2. Pretend that you’re his boss and so are planning to bang him on his desk at your workplace.

3. Pretend you’re a virgin who’s making love for ab muscles first time.

4. Pretend you’re at a sleepover and now have snuck away to bang your friend’s brother that is best.

5. Pretend you’re student who’s trying to seduce her instructor to be able to raise her grade.

6. Pretend you’re a nursing assistant whom is approximately to give her client a sponge shower.

7. Pretend you’re a singer that is famous going to have meaningless intercourse with certainly one of her groupies.

8. Pretend you’re in a zombie apocalypse and you’re sex that is having last time prior to the globe comes to an end.

9. Imagine the man you’re dating happens to be away at war for decades, and he’s finally get home to see you.

10. Imagine the man you’re seeing is a masseuse that’s likely to offer you an ending that is happy.

11. Imagine that you’ve simply met the man you’re dating and are usually planning to have stand that is one-night him.

12. Pretend you’re their maid who would like to have quickie with him before their spouse gets house.

13. Imagine that you’re both porn stars from the group of one of the movies.

14. Imagine that the two of you hate each other’s guts and tend to be going to have rough, aggravated intercourse.

15. Pretend you’re a prostitute who’s only fucking him when it comes to cash.

16. Pretend that he’s the pizza man, and that he’ll allow you to blow him instead of pay him.

17. Pretend he’s your driver that is uber that up fucking you in the rear of the vehicle.

18. Pretend that you’re a bored stiff housewife who chooses to rest because of the pool kid.

19. Pretend that he’s your yoga trainer, and he’s teaching you just how to bend over.

20. Pretend you’re an inmate in jail who’s attempting to screw another inmate minus the guards noticing.

21. Pretend you’re in a Y/A novel as well as your boyfriend is a vampire, a werewolf, or several other creature.

22. Pretend you’re a character from your own favorite relationship novel.

23. Pretend that he’s a repairman, and he bangs you regarding the automatic washer after he completes fixing it.

24. Imagine he’s your landlord, and you’re going to bed with him, as you can’t spend the money for lease.

25. Pretend he’s a mechanic that chooses to screw you in the hood of one’s car once he completes repairing it.

26. Pretend he knocked on your own college accommodation home on accident, however you wound up inviting him in anyhow.

27. Pretend that you’re a model, and that he ought to be praising the father he got the chance to rest to you.

28. Pretend that you’re teenagers who need certainly to keep peaceful, so that your parents don’t hear you through the walls.

29. Pretend that you’re teaching a cooking class, and that he remains belated that will help you utilize up the leftover whipped cream.

30. Imagine that you’re two wild pets fucking in the exact middle of the woodland.

31. Imagine that you’re royalty and he has got to obey each and every order which you give him.

32. Pretend that you’re in a cross country relationship|distance that is long and have now to possess sex over Skype.

33. Pretend he’s a robot that is programmed to hear anything you need to state.

34. Pretend that he’s a male stripper and allow him offer you a lap party.

35. Imagine that he’s from another planet, so that you have actually to exhibit him precisely how to give you down.

36. Pretend that he’s your prisoner and as you are able to tie him up and do anything you be sure to.

37. Pretend that he’s a tourist from a different country, and pay attention to him dirty talk in their brand new accent.

38. Pretend you’re a hitchhiker whom guarantees to bang the motorist provided that he’ll allow you to get away from city.

39. Pretend that you’re on an airplane together and therefore are planning to join the mile high club.

40. Pretend you’re resting with your friend’s boyfriend that is best or another person who is wholly off limitations.

41. Pretend you’re your favorite Disney princess, and that he’s making love to you following the ball.

42. Pretend that he’s the bad boy biker that your particular moms and dads warned one to remain a long way away from.

43. Pretend you’re a librarian who chooses to bang certainly one of her clients from the bookshelves after shutting time.

44. Pretend that he’s your trainer that is personal who’s you the way to loosen up your hot human body.

45. Pretend he’s a firefighter whom simply conserved your lifetime. Now you need certainly to look for a real solution to thank him.

46. Pretend that he’s the guy you’ve been crushing on for a long time, and you also finally get to possess him.

47. Pretend you’re a love novelist who’s trying to do research for starters associated with sex scenes she’s writing.

48. Imagine that he’s an artist in which he would like to sketch your nude human body.

49. Pretend he’s an athlete that is professional you’re banging into the locker space.

50. Pretend so it’s your wedding evening, and you’re sex that is having Read More Here the very first time as wife and husband.

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