Additionally, please make sure the settings in your sub aren’t interfering with appropriate measurement and bass administration:

Can it be that you’re playing content that is stereo « direct » mode? That turns down all electronic processing including bass administration and Audyssey. So that the great things about space modification are lost.

In establishing my subwoofer (Acoustech PL-200) and operating MultEQ XT, I experienced the polarity set to 0, when I had read in lot of places. The bass was underwhelming after running MultEQ XT. I was testing the subwoofer), do I need to re-run MultEQ XT if I change the polarity to 180 (which significantly changed the bass output when?

Likewise, I experienced ignored to alter the crossover in the subwoofer to « Out, » and alternatively left it on « In. » Should we run MultEQ XT once more after switching it?

Thanks for the assistance.

Hi George, there’s no necessity to rerun MultEQ after changing the subwoofer polarity. It shall don’t have any influence on the filters determined for the sub. But, if the crossover ended up being set to In once you went the measurements you might want to re-run just in case the filter had been interfering with the dimensions.

I am operating the Denon 1911 and like my bass. I’ve the known degree set beyond the 12 o’clock place, perhaps around 9 o’clock and my reading is really a -9.5. Is okay, or do i must turn it straight straight down and redo Audyssey.

You’re fine. This really is nevertheless within the range that the AVR can compensate. You simply want to turn straight down the sub degree (and run MultEQ again) in the event that reported level is –12 dB. Then you’re during the restriction associated with the AVR range plus don’t understand if more modification might be required.

Therefore if i desired, i possibly could really transform it up a little more and run Audyssey once more?

It shall make no huge difference whatsoever. Then it will turn it down in the AVR for you if you turn it up on the back of the sub and run Audyssey again. Irrespective of where you set the volume regarding the sub Audyssey will usually give you the bass level that is same. That’s what Reference means! Oahu is the known degree they certainly were making use of within the studio where in actuality the content ended up being mixed. If you prefer more bass than guide then chances are you have to turn up the sub degree after Audyssey is completed. It is suggested doing that when you look at the AVR menu to be able to always get back to the guide degree any moment.

Recently I purchased a Denon AVR 3312CI and each time the Audyssey is run by me car setup this has my front side speakers set to « Large ». These speakers can handle going because low 40hz. But, i really believe I recall reading I do have that you guys recommend setting all speakers to small if there is a subwoofer involved, which. Can it make a difference if we left the leading speakers set at « Large » since Audyssey did get that the crossover for the fronts ought to be at 40hz? Many Thanks therefore much for the help!

Audyssey does not set big and Little. Denon does. They normally use 40 Hz since the choice point and thus in the event that presenter ended up being measured to roll down there (or just a little below as a result of wall proximity) then Denon sets it to big. We disagree because then no sign would go to the subwoofer. Therefore, yes, following the calibration is completed go right ahead and set it up to Small. Like that the information underneath the crossover point will be delivered to the sub in which the MultEQ filters have 8x higher quality.

Chris, i’ve a relevant concern about one of the reviews from 2010:

Be sure that whenever you tune in to music that the speakers aren’t set to complete number. This might be a universal problem. AVRs switch speakers to Comprehensive Range which means no bass shall be provided for the subwoofer. And also this takes place whenever you pay attention in Direct or Pure mode that turns down all processing that is digital Audyssey, Bass Management, etc.

I really do n’t have a subwoofer, my front side speakers are complete musical organization flooring Cerwin that is standing Vega (AVR Onkyo SR608, Musical Fidelity V-DAC Mkii). Does your above comment apply in my situation? If yes, how to be sure that my speakers aren’t set to complete Range once I play 24-bit 96Khz music? Many Many Thanks, Alex