It looks like Lorenzo needs 7 medals, so how does that work if you only do one of the impossible mines under 24 hours? If you do the others and get 1 medal, that only nets you 5 medals. However, you will need to complete at least one of the impossible mines in under 24 hours in order to get Lorenzo. Considering the key forging requirements for each mine, each mine should be done with an eye toward completing it in one day. I run the 3 speed people in each are each time I log in, and dr Steiner in MS29. If I have the chance I run turner and bling, but not all the time.

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When working in a mine, you must first pay to remove the barrier that blocks the path. After that, you pay the usual cost for opening a new mine shaft. This happens on mine shaft 11 – you need to remove the barrier for cash, and then open a new shaft with a few more cash. What strange letters do I constantly see on some of my mines or mine shafts? The letters that you see in your mine and in your mines indicate that one of your friends has now reached the same mine / mine shaft.

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You may postpone starting Impossibles until having 40 keys. It’s advantageous to do the 3 mines in following days, to use the same 4x/7d chip. Until then, 1 or 2 mines done do not reward anything of substance, the 3rd’s reward is Lorenzo. Keep in mind that doing it 3 times with unlimited time (the « one medal challenge level ») will not award you 3 medals, but only one. So you will have to do the mine within the 3-medal-timeframe once in order to receive them.